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Job Openings


Job Openings

Job Openings

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I. Majors:

1. Aviation: aircraft environment and life support engineering, aircraft design, and aircraft manufacturing;

2. Mechanics: machinery design, machinery manufacturing and technology, mechatronic engineering, fluid power transmission and control, thermal energy and power engineering, as well as refrigeration and cryogenic technique;

3. Electrics: automation, electric engineering and automation;

4. Materials: material molding and control engineering, metal material & heat treatment, metal corrosion and protection;

II. Requirements

1. Full-time bachelor’s degree, “211” or “985” universities, well-known traditional universities of science and technology;

2. Corresponding majors in accordance with the requirements;

3. Good performance, no make-up examination of specialized courses, undergraduate CET 4 or above, postgraduate CET 6 or above, proficiency in using professional software;

4. Good individual comprehensive quality, healthy body, passion in the aviation industry, willingness to grow together with the company;

5. Strong sense of responsibility, hard-working quality, strong teamwork spirit and learning ability.

“Spread the Wings to Experience Whirlwind Growth, Be Poised for Setting Sails to Sail Far Away”. Xinxiang Aviation Group sincerely invites you to join us. Let’s cooperate with each other for a common brilliancy!

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