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Talent Philosophy


Talent Philosophy

Talent Philosophy

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With the talent philosophy of being“People-oriented”, we are devoted to continually expanding the growth path of our various team members, creating a harmonious, win-win personnel growth environment while revitalizing the enterprise.

Welfare Policies

1. Five social insurances (endowment, medical, unemployment, maternity, and work injury), as well as housing fund;

2. Large medical supplement insurance for staff,additional to the five social insurances and housing fund;

3. Annual leave, home leave, high-temperature vacation and other paid vacations;

4. The company provides newly recruited university students with university student apartments which are equipped with air conditioners and heaters, and sets up a staff canteen;

5. Free necessities (RMB 1,000) provided during the entry registration;

6. In the course of an internship,an undergraduates’ salary is RMB 2,400-2,700 per month, and a postgraduates’ salary is RMB 3,200-3,700 per month (mechanics). After regularization and grading, the salary is paid according to posts, achievements, annual contributions, talent allowances, bonuses and other compensation structures, superior to that of companies in this region.